A Workshop With Rama

Psychic Development

A Workshop With Rama - Psychic Development

Psychic Development. Let’s assume that you’re all psychic to a certain extent. Everyone is. Some people of course are more conscious of it. What is the psyche? What is the difference between the psychic and the occult? Or perhaps the spiritual?

I’d like to set some parameters before we start. There will be overlap, of course, there always is. By just by way of definition the mystical, the occult sometimes it’s called is the area of the study of self-knowledge involving the entrance into alternate planes of attention. It’s the study of power essentially, mysticism. Lower mysticism is voodoo, the occult side of it, the lower occult. Higher mysticism is something like attaining enlightenment only through power. They physic has to do with developing abilities to perceive beyond the physical. It’s not so much a study of power while there are powers certainly that develop through it but of perception. How to become perception itself eventually. How to become more aware of what we perceive. More aware of ourselves, of those around us, the universe, different planes of consciousness, different beings, energy, life itself, you know. The spiritual I would relegate to the enlightenment process more specifically. I mean everything is spiritual I suppose but in particular the spiritual would be the entrance into Samadhi. Becoming a saint. Humble, pure, available. So the physic then is more the study of clairvoyance, clairaudience, seeing into the future, yuck, the past. Knowing what's going on in other peoples bedrooms without having to be there and go through the experience yourself. I mean, just think of the possibilities! You could be in a hundred places at once.

There’s a psychic energy network. This is one small planet in one small dimension in one small corner of a very large eternity. And there are many other worlds with highly developed beings that do not necessarily muck around so much with each other and try and destroy each other.

The psychic is a happy study. I think a lot of people have attached a lot of strange symbolisms to it. And that really has to do with the lower occult. Okay but the psychic is the study of joy. It’s a very positive study. It’s the study of the psychic network, the networking principle of consciousness and awareness.

It’s essentially the study of how to have more fun with your life and that which is beyond life and death.

Tonight we’re going to be doing some exercises. We’re going to be putting on sweat pants and little leg warmers and we have a giant pyramid that we have . . . It’s being lowered by helicopter later. We’re gonna climb it. And then we’re going to move it without touching it. Right. So the psychic is a study of…it’s sort of a snoopy consciousness in the mystical studies plane essentially. The heavy occult would be sort of more like Charlie Brown. The spiritual I suppose would be oh God nobody’s’ spiritual anymore. It’s hard. Grog in BC that’s about it. So the physic, well people waste a lot of time it seems to me. I’m tempted to say listening to me but here here.

People waste a lot of time talking. It’s possible… you know when I look at someone I can look inside them and it’s not necessary to talk. I can. Just like reading a book. You can just go through the pages of a person. You can see their past lives. You can see selves. You can know more about a person than they know about themselves. I would think it would be embarrassing to have somebody look at you that way if you couldn’t see that yourself. So I think you should fight back. And that’s what we’re going to discuss tonight. And that’s how you can become your own psychic if you will or psychic or aware of some other possibilities. Things perhaps in the pathway of life that some people skip which I find rather exciting and illumining and sometimes awesome, sometimes silly. Welcome to the twilight zone … no, welcome to the other worlds.

How do you become psychic? Well you are but the problem is we think all the time and as we think our thoughts block the psyche. There are many levels of mind. Higher mind, lower mind, in-between mind, beyond mind. That’s the best. But, while we’re in the mind there are areas of mind that very few people tap. This is no news, I understand. The reason is because they think all the time. In order to move into the psychic planes of attention it’s really necessary to stop thought for periods of time or just to slow thought otherwise it’s like the stars are out there but you can’t see them because all the clouds are out there. But they’re definitely there. So when we stop thought, when we can push thought back then it’s very easy to be psychic. To be psychic is not a great gift. You don’t have to be exceptional. You just have to be a little bit aware. Aware of awareness.

Let’s start with an exercise if we could. This is an experiential workshop so that simply means that you’ll be able to sit there and do it. You don’t have to do much. You can even fake if you want to. Fake it. We will be doing a number of exercises tonight usually to music. Serious, serious group. Good. Let’s say that you would like to become psychic meaning not simply that you can go down to Madam Lagoza who will read the leaves! I see for you. two Mercedes. That sort of thing. Uh uh. But let’s say you would like to be able to perceive the deeper truths of life or of your own being or maybe you would like to know when someone is lying to you. That’s very useful because people do that a lot. They do that a lot. They not only lie to you they lie to themselves. Those are the most convincing liars because they don’t know themselves so when they say something they really sincerely believe it themselves and it’s very hard to tell because they don’t know themselves you see. So, Let’s say you’d like to know that the peanut butter is going to be good before you pick it off the shelf. How do you do that? How do you become aware of eternity, of God, of immortality? I ask a lot of questions. If you’ll close your eyes please.

Now I’d like you to relax. We’re going to do some very simple meditative techniques. It’s not really necessary for you to do them phenomenally well tonight, rather this is just a run through so you can practice them at home. You’ll find that these methods of expanding awareness are extremely powerful and if you practice them even once in awhile let alone once a day you’ll see that you will become extremely sensitive and suddenly you will start to see inside people, inside yourself, you’ll just come to know things having to do with all of life yet they’re so simple you can be fooled by them they’re so simple.

What I’d like you to do to start with is to focus on what the mystics call the third eye. The third eye is an energy center. There are seven principle energy centers also known as chakras that are contained not in the physical body but in what we call the etheric or subtle physical body which is body of light or energy that surrounds our physical body. What I’d like you to do is to focus your attention on what they call in Sanskrit, the Agni chakra which is the psychic energy center of vision. It is located between the eyebrows and about half an inch above. If for a moment you would take one of your hands and touch a finger to that spot. Everybody just take their hand up there for a second like I am and put a finger right there very very gently. Now what you’re really doing is not focusing on the body but let’s say you want to focus in that area. It doesn’t have to be a pinpoint but just that general area. Very good, you can put your hand down. What I’d like you to do is to close your eyes, focus your attention on that spot. Relax and see what you see. This is not hypnosis. Okay. It’s mediation. And what you’re trying to do eventually is to stop all thought but that takes quite a while unless you’ve been doing this for sometime or you’re just gifted.

So what I’d like you to do is focus your attention on the spot and it might help you, this is up to you. This is the optional part to picture light, sort of. A turning light going in a clockwise direction going round and round. You see? Right there. Focus your attention there and relax for a minute. Now naturally when we do these exercises together I go into a psychic state of consciousness of course and increase the energy to make it a little bit easier for you. We’ll be listening to a little bit of music while we do this just to even things out a little bit, all the different energies, and then we’ll talk about the psychic network, the network of light that all people who are engaged in the psychic studies are part of. Not just in this world but in many other worlds. So if you’d close your eyes, focus on that spot and just for about three or four minutes I’d just like you to relax. This is just to get you to relax so we can have a good evening here. Good.

[Pause in tape]

We live in a dark world. It’s a beautiful world, God knows. But it’s a very dark place where people suppress each other, they fight each other, they destroy each other, they destroy their environment. You can get a very negative attitude after awhile if you’d studied history or just watched television. (Coughing in audience.) God, disease is rampant. I know it’s terrible isn’t it? There’s lot’s of flu around and stuff and I’m sure you’ll have it by the end of the night. But if we make the psychic energy high enough, everyone will walk out cured. I don’t know, but anyway…you almost went for it. So you can start to get a really yeah you could get kind of a negative attitude towards life if you just, if you just, if you just… right? It’s true. I skip every other sentence since you’re psychic. This is how you work up to paragraphs. So… right? Yeah, you see it works. . . Yes, . . . good. . . Oh well.

There’s a psychic energy network. This is one small planet in one small dimension in one small corner of a very large eternity. And there are many other worlds with highly developed beings that do not necessarily muck around so much with each other and try and destroy each other. They’ve sort of doped out certain principles. I say greetings in 64 languages. Right? And they’re part of what we call the psychic network. There’s a networking of higher beings throughout the universe. It’s a networking of goodwill, of higher energy, of hope, of light, of knowledge. And as you develop in your lifetime or through your series of lifetimes gradually you become aware of the network. The network works for you all of the time. When you’re ready at a certain stage in your evolution the network actually makes its’ presence known to you. Certain events will work out a certain way so that very positive things will happen to you that lead you to self-awareness and self-knowledge.

The psychic network of course exists not just throughout the universe but in our own planet naturally. While there are 4 billion soon to be 8 soon they say 16 billion people on the planet Earth by the year 2015. Some of those individuals are aware, very aware and there’s a network between those individuals which you can join and be part of and you don’t have to pay any dues and you don’t need to get a card to carry. It’s the psychic network. Let’s assume for a moment that you’re here because there’s something special about you, okay. Now of course there’s something special about everyone but the thing that’s special about you is your awareness. Just your interest in the psychic suggests that you’re fairly evolved, that you’ve had a great many lifetimes from the point of view of reincarnation. Otherwise the rain would have deterred you or something else or someone else would have tonight. And so instead you’ve come to explore awareness. This says something very good about you. Sincerely. And as you continue your journey of self-discovery you’ll begin to feel the presence of the psychic network.

This is 1985 and it’s the beginning of a cycle of time. A very dark cycle of time I suppose you might say. The next 30 years are going to be a very difficult period for humanity and humanity may not even as we all know survive the next 30 years. A lot depends upon a few people. People get a negative attitude about life. They feel that what difference can you make, what difference can an individual make. You see and that’s just not true at all. Individuals make all the difference in the world because you have to understand personal power, psychic power and how it works. You see, one person can live, a Buddha, a Christ, a Krishna and they can change a whole world. You might say, well there still a lot of terrible things in the world, all kinds of problems and darkness. Do you know how much worse it would have been had they not been there? You could say, well look at what people have done, to what they said, they took it and corrupted it or used it to advance themselves but still do you know how much darker the world would be? If it was not for the psychic network, if it was not for people like yourself who have an interest in higher attention, the world would be a very, very dark place. Darker than most people can imagine because it’s not just numbers.

In the psychic realm we deal with power. Power is measured in evolution. The average soul goes through 84,000 incarnations approximately give or take whatever. That’s a lot of lifetimes. Now the thing is most of the souls in this particular world are not that old but some are and those few that are of course interested in the psychic and spiritual and so on – you know that stuff. Those individuals have had a lot more lifetimes and therefore have a lot of personal power. And when you use that power one person who has a good intention, a good thought who delves into the psyche, who looks inside themselves can offset the negativity of thousands and thousands of individuals.

We’ll talk about psychic development, of course, tonight. We’ll do lots of exercises, answer your questions. But I’d just like to set a tone that is perhaps a little more positive than we hear sometimes because we are entering into a dark time. You see periodically there are dark ages in the world. It’s not horrible. You might say it’s meant to be. It’s part of the cycle of life. It’s purgation. But what makes a Dark Age? I’m sure we could trace socio political causes perhaps. What causes those things to be? There are currents in the universe. Energy currents in what we call the subtle physical or astral realm. These energy currents affect all of us all the time. Most people are unaware of these currents but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t affected. You may not be aware that someone is doing something good for you and helping you avoid problems if they don’t make themselves known to you. But you still reap the benefit of the effect. So in the same sense there are currents through the universe.

Everything is made up of energy. All of life. Matter itself is made up of energy. We are energy. Our awareness is energy. Our bodies are energy. All of life is energy. And there are both physical, what we would call physical, and non-physical energies. Our physical body of course is affected by the physical energies and our non-physical body, the subtle physical body is affected by the subtle or non-physical energies. These energy currents are vortexes and they sweep across the cosmos and they follow a pattern very much like our universe does. There’s an order there of a sort.

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Seeing is the ability to tell what really is.

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