Lakshmi Series

Gods, Goddesses and Carrier Beings

Lakshmi Series - Gods, Goddesses and Carrier Beings

Gods, goddesses and carrier beings. There are many sides to the inner life and the outer life, and what makes life and self-discovery exciting is love.

Love is the strongest force in the universe. It's not the only force in the universe, but it's the force of attraction, the force of balance. Love is the power that keeps the universe functioning. As individuals we experience a limited type of love. We experience love between each other, sometimes love for country, love for beauty, love for food, love for God. But it is only a small particle of the universe. We experience only a small particle of love and truth. What we know as love is only a shadow, a glance of what total love really is.

The guardians assume different forms. But if you ever see them, at least in the Southwest, most of them look like Indians, their subtle physicals, like strong, beautiful, virile warriors.

Throughout the ages, prophets and enlightened persons have talked about love, and they've said that the way is love. These words have apparently fallen on deaf ears because while the world does seem motivated occasionally by love, most of the time it's by desire. I suppose we could call desire a type of love, but there's so little light in it. There's so little self-giving in it. Beyond the spectrum of love that we experience is a radiance of love, a complete, harmonious, endless and perfect love. And this love is engendered, is awakened, not simply by our own actions. This love is engendered very often by the gods, goddesses and carrier beings.

The universe has many stages. This is one small stage we're upon now. There are countless worlds. Not just worlds in a sense of material planets like our own, but there are planes of existence, dimensions. Each dimension contains billions of galaxies. They're endless because existence is eternal and infinite and the infinite has no end. There are different planes of being. We can say that God has different dreams and in each dream there's something else. In other planes of being there are other evolved forms of life. Many of these forms of life are not physical, they're etheric. And there are different types of beings who have etheric bodies. Most commonly we talk about the gods and goddesses, very advanced beings with superhuman powers, who live far beyond our earth and who human beings occasionally have interaction with.

Today I'd like to talk with you a little bit about some of the different types of beings that you as a meditator, as a spiritual seeker, will encounter on your journey to enlightenment. There are essentially two classes of beings and many subdivisions - those who are more evolved than yourself and those who are less evolved than yourself. From my point of view, whether they have physical bodies or subtle physical bodies or they're just idea forms - they don't even have a subtle physical body, what some call the causal forms - it's really all the same. What matters is not the type of clothing that one wears but the kind of person that one is. So if a being manifests as an etheric god or goddess, as a human being, as some other form of life, as a tree, a branch, something that we don't see in our world, in our planet, or as a lower form, there's God within all. All are God.

Rama smiling with his arms crossed wearing a designer suit
Seeing is the ability to tell what really is.

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