On the Road with Rama


On the Road with Rama - Power

Hello power lovers. I am here today on top of the Continental Divide, 11,500 feet up above the earth.

I'm parked by the side of the road. It's around 7:45 in the evening on August 7th. Occasionally a car or truck will roar by. I'm facing some distant power mountains - a suitable place to discuss with you the end of the world.

We have a higher destiny. But before you can even scratch the surface of the subject you have to bring your life into order and make it very successful.

The world has an ending and a beginning. It begins with you and it ends with you. The end of this world occurs when you make a major transition in attention - when you move from one world into another, from one reality into another. Everything is dependent upon energy. Energy is attention. Attention is awareness.

You were born with a specific amount of energy. That energy came from the totality. It came from your other lives. In this lifetime, you can increase your energy or you can decrease it. Mysticism is the study of energy, the study of power - its use, its abuse. At every moment you are getting stronger or you are growing weaker. At every moment your attention field is increasing or it is decreasing.

Why? Why have energy? Why have power? Does it matter? Is it spiritual? The more energy you have, the more freedom you have. In the physical world, money is freedom. If you have money, if you have wealth, then you can do what you want. You can get on a plane and go anyplace in the world. You can live wherever you want to, and no one will bother you. If they do, you can hire people to aid you.

Without money, you're powerless in this world. You can't buy food, you can't travel - you're totally subject to whatever happens. If someone says that you've broken the law and if you don't have money for a good attorney, you may go to jail - even if you didn't do something wrong. If you have money for a good attorney, you may go free - even if you did do something wrong.

Money is not inviolable. It doesn't change all conditions. But to be without money from the strategic point of view in the physical world is to be powerless. In the inner world, it's the same, only it's pure power. Power is the ability to translate, that is, to shift from one level of attention to another.

Right now, you're in a certain strata of awareness. Your awareness, your happiness, your unhappiness, all of these conditions are largely based upon your ability to move your attention. If you stay in the attention you're in, then you can predict everything that will happen to you for the rest of your life - your happinesses, your unhappinesses, your successes and your failures.

You are in a country. In the country, the most you'll ever make in dollars and cents is fixed. You can't rise above it. The nicest house you can ever live in in that country, the nicest home, is whatever the nicest home is within that country. You can't rise above it. The worst thing that can ever happen to you in that country is the worst thing that ever happens to anyone in that country. This is attention. Attention is life. Attention, or the lack of it, is death.

Right now you're in a country. The country is your mind. Your mind is filled with thoughts, desires, aspirations, loves, hates, jealousies, pure feelings. They constantly change and shift around you. You are in a jungle and there are many creatures roaming through it. You are subject to those creatures.

Freedom is within oneself. But how to get beyond the thoughts, the desires? How to get into a different country? That requires power. You have a certain amount of power. You were born with it. That power created the country that you now reside in. Your power comes from the totality, from the absolute reality, from God - whatever you'd like to call infiniteness.

Rama smiling with his arms crossed wearing a designer suit
Seeing is the ability to tell what really is.

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