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Places of Power

Psychic Development - Places of Power

The earth is a place of power. It's alive. Most people think of the earth as an inanimate object. It's alive. Some people think of it as growing and changing-volcanoes spew forth lava, new islands and continents are created, old ones fall or drift. Civilizations come and go, but the earth is alive, meaning it has awareness, different types of awareness in different places, just as you have different awarenesses in different parts of your body. But your body is not a total reflection of your awareness, is it? So the earth, what we call the earth, is a body, but what is its awareness? Invisible like your awareness, yet you're aware of it, you perceive through it just as the earth does.

The awareness of the earth changes from place to place. Some places on the earth are places of power-places of power for human beings. Some places are the opposite-they're places of negative energy, reverse charge, where you lose energy, you lose power, you lose consciousness. It's better to die in some places than other places; it's easier to move from one world to another. It's better to live in some places. It's better to be born in some places. It makes a difference. Places of power.

The person who seeks to find their totality, to become free, has to be extremely concerned with where they live, where they spend their time, who and what they think about, because at every moment you're gaining or losing energy, your attention field is rising or falling.

What makes a place of power a place of power? No one really knows, it just is. Yet places of power attract powerful beings who live there, visit there, meditate there, gaze, jump into other worlds from that spot, and that increases the velocity of the place of power.

Places of power, like people, can be drained. Some people go to a place of power, or live near it, to access its energy, but they pollute it. There can be a beautiful lake-clear, crystal, pristine. People go and they live by the lake, they build houses on the lake and they throw their garbage in the lake and they pollute it, with their sewage or their thoughts, and soon the lake is no longer a pure, crystal lake. It's something else, isn't it? It's a reflection of the attention field of the beings who live there.

Well, people do that to places of power. You'll notice that wealthy people live in places of power. Parts of New York City, parts of Beverly Hills, and every other city has its wealthy area. Did you know that that's a place of power and the reason those people live there is because they draw more energy from there to stay rich and famous? That's why it's so expensive to live there. Some universities have more power than others, and of course some people.

The earth is alive. If you could see the earth through the eye of seeing, then you would see that the earth actually changes colors. It's kind of like color graphics on some of those computer games, when the hero is out walking around from place to place on different landscapes and they change colors. It's very much like that. Kind of like infrared photography that shows up heat vis-�-vis color. Well, if you could see then you would know that there's power everywhere, and different types of power in different locations.

The earth is alive-it has an awareness, and when you move from one place to another you cross different power lines. The earth is made up of a series of lines that interconnect different dimensional planes. The earth is like a gateway between dimensions, and everyone follows those lines, whether they're conscious of it or not, from the time they're born to the time they die. When you can see the lines of power that someone is following, you can predict everything that will happen to them, in a general sense. Most people never change the lines they follow. It is possible, of course-that's what mysticism and self-discovery are about. They're about developing your mind and making it powerful enough, having an enlightened mind, an awakened mind, with which you can consciously choose-or let power choose, life choose-which lines you'll follow. You can switch, but you have to see them first, naturally, and know what your options are. And of course you need to have enough power to make that switch.

The place you live in, naturally, is the most important. It's where you spend most of your time, and it's where you sleep, and when you sleep you're very open to lots of different psychic forces, and it's a time when we recharge ourselves, when we renew ourselves. So if you live in a place that isn't a good place of power for you, then you won't be renewed when you sleep, and your life will be very difficult.

So, the first step for someone who practices the advanced arts of self-discovery and psychic development-as a person who wishes to develop an awakened mind, a mind that's clear and free and sees-is to pick a place to live that has the right power for them-not based upon necessarily how much it costs, but how it feels, not based upon the aesthetics of the house or the apartment or the condominium, but how it feels, because you will draw most of your energy from the place you live, or the places you live, not simply when you're there, but when you're off at work or on an adventure. You create lines of power to that location and you draw the energy from that location. You store power and compress it there also.

You can draw energy lines from other places too, and from other worlds, not just from this earth, but the primary location is the home, wherever you happen to be sleeping. That's our definition of home at the moment, wherever you're dreaming.

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Seeing is the ability to tell what really is.

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