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Seeing, Dreaming & Places of Power

Rama Live in LA - Seeing, Dreaming & Places of Power

A place of power is a vortex of energy. There are really two types of places of power. One type is a personal place of power. It’s a physical locale which is not simply physical, that has a special meaning for you. It’s specific to you, in other words. Then there’s a universal place of power. That’s a place where just the currents of energy are very extraordinary. Anyone who goes to one of those places of power will be affected by it. Some will be conscious of it and some will not.

A place of power – a personal place of power – is a place where you’ve stored something. You’ve had moments there that were very, very important to you. I think all of us has at least one place like that. And when we go back there, we can access those moments. We can return to them. For example, there was a place when I went to the university as an undergraduate, where I used to go hiking and meditating. There was a river, and it was a place that I went to many, many times and I had many experiences in other planes of reality there, where I became more conscious. And so that’s a place of power for me. It’s a place I can go back to. I don’t have to go back there physically to return to it. It’s a place that one can draw power from at any time.

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Seeing is the ability to tell what really is.

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