Tantric Buddhism


Tantric Buddhism - Light

There is only black light, between the stars.

It may seem that it's darkness, but it's really black light. There's no such thing as darkness. Darkness is a human concept. There's only black light between the stars.

There is no evil, there's no bad, there's no good. These are human ideas.

There is no evil, there's no bad, there's no good. These are human ideas. There's no creator, there's no creation, there's no God, there's no nirvana, there's no perfection. These are ideas. Everything is transient. That's an idea. Everything is perfect. That's an idea. Everything is imperfect. That's an idea.

Beyond ideas there's reality. That's not an idea - that's real. There's no way to talk about it, there's no way to describe it. But there's a way to get to it, a series of ways. The pathways to enlightenment are numerous and they're all in front of you. If we stand back with wide eyes and look, we'll see some of them.

Our life is a pathway to enlightenment, every moment, every experience. Everything is a pathway to enlightenment. But if we think that there is good and evil, if we think that there is blackness and we don't see that it's black light, then we see ourselves that way. We see life that way.

To go to that place that's beyond all this - all these ideas, all these abstractions - that's what I chose to do. You can do that. Beyond perfection - you could be there - beyond both truth and illusion.

The mind is a complicated thing. Very complicated. To you it seems simple. There are thoughts, there are feelings, there are emotions, there's memory, desire, self-importance, ideas, your life, your moods. The mind lives beyond death though. Anything that ends with death isn't really the mind, just the things that pass through a mind. The mind is like a diamond. It's very hard, very cold. It just is. It's like the black light. It is the black light.

There's nothing to learn in life that's important because all of the things that we learn are forgotten at death. They're important for a lifetime, perhaps, but not in the sense of eternality. But it is possible - it is - to experience the refulgent, ecstatic perfection of all, that which never ends and never begins. It's not a fairy tale, or if it is, it's one that I live in that's rather wonderful. When I die all this will be forgotten or it will become a past life memory. And something new will happen. Something wonderful, as it always does, because creation is perfection, beyond ideas.

Beyond the shoestrings of human consciousness, there's the black light and the white light, and they only seem different to you. They're not really different at all. There's only light. Light in the mind and light outside the mind. All these shapes, these appearances that you call existence, the things that trouble you, the things that look promising, the things that you're indifferent towards, are refractions of the one light. You're a refraction of the one light. You're a waveform of light. You're a fractal, a pattern, that life has created, and that continuously changes.

Rama smiling with his arms crossed wearing a designer suit
Seeing is the ability to tell what really is.

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